GAZ Thu, May 11, 2017

It is with excitement that we announce our second production for 2017! Our Middle School (Year 7-9) students have been working hard and will be bringing the production ‘GAZ’ written by Warren Flynn to the Barbara Godwin Performing Arts Auditorium at the end of June.

Gary Green hits Year 9 running, well, stumbling anyway. Trouble at home, fights with the school heavies and a drug bust leave Gaz gasping. He even survives a cyclone….but can he cope with a whirlwind romance? The book that this production is based on was written in an honest down-to-earth style, filled with familiar and realistic themes that are appealing to all ages. Told with such verve, descriptions of school-day nightmares lead us to believe that there is more than just a little of Warren Flynn in his character Gary. Sometimes Gary’s brutally honest perception of events is parodied by his amazing ignorance of the world around him. This quirk of character initially leads to many an amusing misunderstanding; however, as the story progresses, Gary’s narrow-mindedness and tactless behaviour are replaced by a new understanding.

Set in country Australia, this lively production brings an entertaining slice of Australian family life with which any Aussies worth their Vegemite can identify. Directed by Mr Jamie Cant (Head of the Arts & Creativity) and Cian McDonald with original music written by our very own Mr Andrew Martin (Primary Music Teacher), this production will have you laughing, toe-tapping and is appropriate for the whole family. 

Performance Dates:  22 June, 23 June and 24 June
Time: 7.15pm for a 7.30pm start
Tickets: $23 each. Bookings open on Monday 15 May. Buy your tickets online