As a way of further encouraging excellence in education and rewarding high academic achievement, the St Mark’s Anglican Community School will be offering a limited number of Academic Scholarships to students entering Year 6 and/or Year 7 in 2018.

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Middle School Scholarship for Academic Excellence

Up to four scholarships are available in total, with full or partial tuition fee remission (the remission percentage will be at the discretion of the School Council). Scholarships will be awarded for the students’ entire Secondary School career at St Mark’s, subject to ongoing review.

The Scholarship program is designed to recognise and reward high academic achievement. Results of the Scholarship testing will determine whether participants will be added to the shortlist of potential recipients. Candidates may also be interviewed prior to final selection of recipients. The total number and value of scholarships awarded each year is at the discretion of the St Mark’s School Council.

The School  is particularly encouraging applications from students outside of the St Mark’s community.  The successful Scholarship recipients will automatically be offered enrolment at the School commencing in 2018.  Applications from students already attending St Mark’s will also be welcomed.

The tests are administered by Academic Assessment Servicess on behalf of St Mark's.

Applications open: 20 December 2016 - please lodge applications online

Applications close:  Friday 17 February 2017

Examination fees:  $90 (NOTE: Applications received after the closing date will incur an additional fee of $50). The fees are levied by the service provider.

Examination date:  Saturday 25 February 2017 from 8.30am to 12.30pm

Results announced: April 2017

About the Scholarship Tests

Scholarship tests are designed to identify and distinguish between students of high academic ability. They are more difficult than the normal achievement tests students often take in schools. They are timed tests assessing how clearly a student can demonstrate higher-order critical thinking skills.

Students are assessed in:

  • Abstract Reasoning and Problem Solving – this test assesses the ability to reason with and analyse information using verbal, mathematical, figural and spatial concepts.
  • Mathematics Achievement and Reasoning – for primary and junior secondary students these tests assess curriculum-related mathematics tasks and mathematical reasoning tasks. Middle and senior secondary students are assessed on mathematics reasoning tasks. These are different to curriculum-based mathematics and focus on problem-solving skills.
  • Reading Comprehension – this test assesses the ability to remember, locate, analyse, evaluate, derive and combine text propositions with fiction and non-fiction texts of increasing complexity.
  • Written Expression – this test assesses students’ facility with written language. A stimulus is provided for students to produce a piece of writing in a particular genre (e.g. narrative or argument) depending on the requirements of the School.

Each task is around 40-45 minutes in length, except for Written Expression, which is 25 minutes. These tasks measure how a child performs in relation to the cohort sitting the exam. Students and parents need to be aware that these tests maybe demanding and that not all students will complete each test within the time allowed. It is important students do not spend too much time on questions they find too difficult.

The Application Process

The parents/guardians of applicants must register their child for the test via this link. The process is administered by Academic Assessment Services (AAS). If parents/guardians experience any difficulties with the registration and/or payment process, please email

Please adviseSt Mark's and AAS of any serious medical conditions which may require monitoring on the testing morning e.g.  EpiPen, Diabetes.

In the week prior to the test, Academic Assessment Services will email all regisitered applicants with confirmation of the times, venues and any other special requirements. Special preparation or coaching is not likely to improve  results. 

If the child needs to be withdrawn unexpectedly (e.g. for medical reasons), please contact After the scholarship-testing day, Academic Assessment Services are unable to supply additional information to parent/s.  All enquiries regarding scholarship outcomes must be directed to the School.

Preparing for the Scholarship Examination Day

  • The best preparation is to arrive relaxed and refreshed on the testing day. A good night’s sleep is very important. 
  • Please note: neither St Mark's nor AAS do not provide sample test papers.
  • Bring two pens – blue or black. All other materials will be provided
  • Bring food and drink for the recess break
  • Bring  tissues
  • Make sure to arrive ahead of the time given. Being late may be unsettling
  • Use the toilet before the first test session. Interruptions may affect results
  • Relax and do your best
  • The four tests are held in two sessions
  • There is a 20-minute break between each session
  • Entry for late arrivals is at the sole discretion of the test supervisor
  • Unpaid applicants will not be permitted to attend the testing

These items may be confiscated by the examination supervisors:

  • Bags
  • Calculators
  • Mathematical instruments such as compasses or dividers
  • Photographic or other data/image recording equipment
  • Programmable watches or mobile phones
  • Rulers
  • Books or paper/s
  • Apple or smart watches