Admissions Policy

The St Mark’s Anglican Community School admissions process embraces the diversity of our Community and we welcome your application. Parents who wish to apply for admission, are required to forward a completed Application for Admission (one per child) to the School, accompanied by a non-refundable processing fee of $50.

Prior to being offered a place at St Mark’s, prospective students and their families are invited to an interview with the relevant Head of School.  The interviews generally take place at least one year to eighteen months prior to the expected date of enrolment.  As the number of applicants far exceeds the number of places available, it may not be practical to interview all candidates. 

The following enrolment factors will be considered in the admission process before an offer of a place at the School is made:

  • Families with siblings already enrolled at the school
  • Children of Clergy
  • Children of participating members of the St Mark’s Old Scholars’ Association
  • Children of regular church attending families
  • Children living in the local community
  • Date of application
  • Individual family circumstances
  • Outcome of the interview process
  • Children of parents who indicate a willingness to support the Anglican and community ethos of the School.

In conjunction with all of the above, the Principal will have discretion in offering places to ensure an academic and coeducational balance is maintained across the whole School.

Processing of applications begins between 12 to 18 months prior to the expected year of enrolment. The number of applications usually far exceeds the number of places available and it may not be practical to interview all applicants. Applicants will remain on the database of prospective students until a place becomes available, or until the application is withdrawn.

If the application and interview are successful, parents will be offered a placement. Should the family wish to accept the offer of enrolment, a non-refundable Acceptance and Establishment Fee is payable within 28 days to confirm the family’s commitment to take up the offered position. This fee is not deducted from the first term’s tuition fees. The amount applicable is equivalent to the Middle School tuition fee for one term. This fee is only charged once per family.

In the context of admissions and continuing admission of siblings, ‘community’ means parental participation, involvement and support for the School. This is an ongoing commitment of enrolment, and must be seen as an obligation, not as a choice.

We understand that moving to a new school, whether it is at Kindergarten level or at a later stage in a child’s school life, can be both exciting and a little daunting. To assist in the transition to St Mark’s, Orientation Days and Parent Information Evenings are held for incoming students and their families.

Contact Information for Admissions Officer

Telephone: (08) 9403 1327 during office hours (8am to 4pm).



Submit your application for admission online here.

Alternatively, parents are welcome to download a PDF application form.  The printed application form can be posted to the Admissions Officer, PO Box 231 HILLARYS WA 6923.

School Tours 

Parents interested in finding out more about St Mark's Anglican Community School are invited to book a space on one of the regular tours. Tours are conducted on Thursdays and Fridays during term time.  Tours of the Early Learning Centre (Kindy to Year 1) and Junior School (Year 2 to Year 5) are held at 9am. Tours of Middle (Year 6 to Year 8) and Senior School (Year 9 to Year 12) are held at 10am. Visitors may choose to book one or both of the timeslots.

About the Tours

Please note that the tours are not meant to be comprehensive, but rather provide a snapshot of life at St Mark’s.  Tours are conducted by parent volunteers, who will be able to give you a basic overview of the School’s facilities and a bit of personal insight into the life of our School community.  As such, they may not be able to answer all your questions. Information on the academic program, subject selection, admissions process, wait list and learning support or extension is best directed to our Admissions Officer, Mrs Penelope Stewart.

Questions related to your individual circumstances also are best addressed by the Mrs Stewart, who can be reached via or 9403 1327.  As you progress through the Admissions process, you will  have another opportunity to get your questions answered at the interview stage. At this point, you will also be given a more personalised tour with the relevant Head of School.

How to book

The tour dates for Term 2 2017 are now finalised. To book a tour, please follow this link.  It will open in a new window in your internet browser. At the bottom of the new page, there is a green button marked “Continue Booking” – click here to select your date and time. You do not need to bring the ticket with you, as we will have an electronic record of your booking.



View the School Prospectus (PDF document).